"God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs." Spencer W. Kimball

May 6, 2013

San Diego Road Trip

Shane had some business meetings in San Diego, so Molly and I tagged along and we made a road trip out of it.  We played at the beach, went to a San Diego Padres baseball game and of course went to Sea World. 

Perfect snack for the beach "Snap into a Slim Jim...oooohhhh yeah!"

Sea World Climbing Castle

Sea World

Molly didn't make it out of the Sea World parking lot before she was out!  Notice the remains of her blue cotton candy.  She had a great time.

April 7, 2013

General Conference - It Pays to be Prepared!

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we have the privilege twice a year to hear from the Prophet and leaders of the church in a meeting called General Conference. This conference is broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah the first weekend of April and October. I love listening to the words of comfort and joy from these religious leaders as they teach of Christ and His gospel and look forward to conference every 6 months.

With a 3 year old I knew that sitting and watching 4 sessions of General Conference was going to be a bit of a challenge. Early in the week I decided to prepare a few activities that Molly could quietly do during conference and am so excited to report that my preparation paid off! YAY!!! I put together a few busy bags, some conference related coloring activities, and threw in some mini m&m's and dress-up dolls to play with. We introduced new activites every 15-30 minutes and had a picture chart of the Church leaders that we used to help Molly identify the speakers.  All in all it was a wonderful conference and I think the entire family was able to listen, learn and be spiritually fed. I will be keeping this tradition alive!

 Quietly playing during conference

Busy Bags! I'm new to the busy bag scene and totally in love! I think these (and more) will be making a regular appearance this summer to help us get through the Arizona heat!

Oh how we love m&m's!

Easter 2013

 We hope you enjoyed a beautiful Easter! We are grateful for our Savior; for His love, His example and most of all that He gave his life for us and was resurrected 3 days later. We know that He lives! We know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can be together as a family forever.  We are thankful for all of the many wonderful blessings and gifts that we enjoy daily. Happy Easter!

March 27, 2013


It is no secret that Shane loves to go cycling.  He has become quite an "addict" when it comes to long bike rides in the desert, mountains or anywhere he can find a road.  Thankfully he wakes up really early in the morning on the weekends for long rides so that he can spend the rest of the weekend with the family.  (Thank goodness for Circle K and their $.79 sodas to help him through the rest of the day.)

Here is Shane on a Saturday morning bike ride in the desert.

We also found quite a gem for Molly so she can begin learning to ride a bike and one day join Shane on his Saturday morning rides.  In the mean time, Molly is content riding her bike to the mailbox around the block and with her friend next door.

Family rule: Always wear a helmet! 

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

 to the tune of "do you know the muffin man":
Do you know my valentine? 
my valentine? my valentine? 
Do you know my valentine?  
She's wearing polk-a dots!
 "clink" Molly loves it when we bring out the fancy glasses and drink sparkling cider

 Valentine's crepes - nutella, strawberries and whip cream? yes please!

 A tradition we started our first Valentine's Day as a married couple - decorating sugar cookies

 My valentines loves

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 We've had fun getting ready for Halloween this year.  From the top of her crown to the tips of her purple glitter slippers this little princess is ready for the trick-or-treating to begin!

It wouldn't be Halloween without Mister Jack-o-lantern.  We had fun carving a pumpkin and singing our favorite Halloween songs.

Molly didn't want to leave the pumpkin outside "the kids might take it" (true, but who told her that?). So after testing the candle we brought it back inside to wait for Halloween night.
We made pretzel skeleton bones.  Molly's a pro at dipping the pretzels and eating up any chocolate that drips.
Happy Halloween!

October 6, 2012

Birthday Weekend

 Molly turned 3 over Labor Day weekend and we spent every last minute of it celebrating!  The temperature has been 100+ so we drove to Camp Verde which is about 10 degrees cooler and visited the Wild Life park.  We saw a tiger show, watched the animals get fed and went on a safari - pretty cool!  Molly loved it!

Molly wanted a "pink and purple purse cake" for her birthday and after blowing out the candle she dug her fingers in and tried to pick up the purse.  She was a bit disappointed that it was only made from frosting.

 posing with the animals

 We got to feed the giraffe

... and the camel

 Molly got a cash register for her birthday and played with it non-stop. Great idea!

Molly posing before jumping into the pool.  She was so excited to go swimming on her birthday!

Molly wanted a purple umbrella...

 and a sleeping bag...which she uses together and sleeps in almost every night!

August 27, 2012

I'm Blushing!

 I think we need a little help in the make-up department...
Molly was so pleased with herself
I had to catch myself in order to turn this into a teaching moment - especially when I saw blush all over the carpet. 

August 26, 2012

Birthday Fun

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and we got to spend a few hours playing at Trafalga Lehi before Shane had to work.  It was Molly's first time at an "amusement park" and I loved watching the happiness on her face and hearing her laughter.  So Fun!
This was her first ride.  She seemed a little nervous at first, but as soon as the ride started the smiles and laughter began.

 Molly's expression cracks me up!

 Flying the plane

 It was so fun to have some cousins come with us

 Even though it was my birthday, the day was really all about Molly

 Speedy Shane...I think he and Lilly won this round

ready, set, blastoff!